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Our Locations

Buckinghamshire Film Office’s location database is in development and constantly growing

If you are looking for potential filming locations in Buckinghamshire you can search our database or you can contact the Film Office with your brief and we will be able to advise on potential locations

If you are interested in registering your property on our database, please see our registration link below

Location Database

Our locations database is currently in development and we are regularly adding new locations

Buckinghamshire is home to a wide range of locations from our stunning country parks, Grade II listed Court, numerous National Trust properties, private estates, rolling countryside and picturesque towns and villages we can find options to fit a multitude of briefs

Please register below to search our database or if you can’t find what you are looking for contact us


Location registration

If you have a property or location in Buckinghamshire that you would like to make available for filming, you can register on our database free of charge.

Our database will be available to search by productions of all sizes looking for the right locations to fit their brief.

If a production is interested in your property, we can put them in touch with you directly for them to arrange for their Location Manager to visit your property

If the production company want to hire your property, you will then need to negotiate terms with regards to their use, proposed alterations, and any fees. 

Production companies will often have a standard filming agreement for you to sign, ensure you read this and happy that your property and rights as owners are fully protected. If you are uncomfortable with any terms of the agreement, you can request amendments.