Student Guidance

Buckinghamshire Film Office wishes to support the next generation of filmmakers in Buckinghamshire and do so by making the permit application process as simple as possible and in most circumstances waive our fees.

From 1st December 2022 Buckinghamshire Film Office will be implementing a Film Permit system. Please note that we need a minimum of 10 working days to process an application. The more detailed the application the faster we can process your application. 

Failure to upload public liability insurance and appropriate risk assessments may result in applications being rejected.


Buckinghamshire Film Office is not able to offer a location-finding service for student filming. 

Many of the properties in our library are privately owned/managed and owners of the properties on our locations database will expect a substantial location fee. These properties are not therefore be suitable for low/no budget productions. 

Students are advised to ask friends and family if they might consider allowing you to film in their property

what permissions are required and how to apply

Private Property

If you wish to film in a private property, find out who owns the property and seek their permission. 

Please note that if the property you plan to film is rented you will need permission from both the landlord and the people who reside there.

Please also see Special Permission below.

Council Property

If wish to film in Council property such as libraries, car parks or other council owned buildings, you will need a licence, please contact the Film Office at 28 days in advance of your first shoot day.

Please also see Special Permission below.

Public Space

If you are planning on filming in a public space i.e., pavements, footpaths, roads, parks you will require a permit.

Low Impact Filming

‘Low Impact’ filming applies to productions that have a limited impact on an area which is generally low key and straight forward and does not include any of the activities listed under special permissions below. 

In general, it will mainly consist of small (usually less than 10) unobtrusive technical crew and contributors using portable/handheld camera, basic sound and tripod equipment.

Please submit a permit application 10 working days in advance of your first shoot day.

Special Permission & Additional Licence Requirements

Whether you are filming on private property, council property or in public spaces filming involving any of the following may require additional permissions:

Children, animals, actors playing policemen, real or fake weapons, special effects or fires, moving vehicles, staging of a crime, cranes or scaffolds, filming at night, on-street parking, directing traffic or blocking roads and paths, changing road marking or road signs.

The timescales vary depending on requirements from 5 weeks to 10 days. We recommend that you contact the Buckinghamshire Film Office at the earliest opportunity and at least 28 days in advance of your first shoot day.

Fees & Charges

Students carrying out ‘low impact’ filming in Buckinghamshire’s public spaces will not be charged unless staffing is required to facilitate. 

Applications that are submitted without the required 10 working days notice will be rejected.

Filming in Council properties or filming requiring special permissions/licences may incur costs which will be passed to the production as a minimum.

Risk Assessment

Buckinghamshire Film Office is unable to provide permission or permits to film without receipt of appropriate risk assessments covering all locations and proposed activities. The Film Office is responsible for monitoring health & safety of crews filming in Buckinghamshire. It is the productions responsibility to complete a risk assessment that covers all risk and to manage risk effectively. Failure to provide an appropriate risk assessment in good time will result in the application be rejected.


You must upload a valid copy of your college/university public liability insurance to the sum of £10 million minimum with your application. Failure to provide a copy of the PLI will result in the application being rejected.